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Our Policies

We are purchasing various types of healthy foodstuffs from all over the world based upon the know-how which was accumulated within our group as a leading company in food industry in Japan.

Export Products

Export of Japanese foodstuff and Oriental foodstuff

We are engaged in export of various types of foodstuff to U.S.A., South East Asian countries and EU countries. Trying to expand the market for Japanese taste and making challenges for new business chance in those areas.

Japanese sweets for exportJapanese omelet for export
Japanese sweets for export
Japanese omelet for export

Processed Vegetables

Boiling in Water Japanese radish (Indonesia), Cut Cabbage, Carrot Burdock, Spring Onion (China), Peeled Garlic (Domestic Production, China)


Boiling in Water Japanese radish

Edible Oils

Rice Bran Oil (Brazil, Bangladesh), Peanut Oil (Brazil, China, U.S.A.), etc.


Frozen Vegetables

Peeled Green Soybean (Thai), Pumpkin (New Zealand), Onion (China),
Sweet Potato (Indonesia), Various Domestic Frozen Vegetables (Spinach, Grated Yam)


Peeled Green Soybean
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