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April 1964 Established as Kabushiki Kaisha Hosho Shoji aka Hosho Trading Inc.
April 1972 Started distributing products as an import and export trading company and simultaneously as a sole agent.
July 1975 Enhanced manpower in each division in order to accelerate trading activities as a member of the Kibun Group.
July 1977 Established Hosho Singapore Pte., Ltd, in Singapore and started to import and export fish and agricultural products and processed foods.
November 1978 Established Hosho America Inc. in Seattle, WA., U.S.A. and started to import and export fish and agricultural products and processed foods.
March 1980 Established Kibun Hong Kong Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong
June 1980 Established Kibun Foods Singapore Pte., Ltd. in Singapore
July 1984 Enhanced trading activities at Hosho America Inc. and increased manpower in each division.
March 1985 Re-organized and increased capital to 200 million yen.
May 1985 Established Kibun (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand and started to import and export fish and agricultural products.
January 1988 Established Hosho Holland B.V. in the Netherlands.
November 1991 Hosho Singaore Pte.,Ltd. renamed Kibun Headquaters Asia Pte.,Ltd.
June 1992 Hosho Trading Inc. renamed Kibun Trading Inc.
October 1997 Jointly established Yilin-Kibun Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
February 1998 Increased capital to 670 million yen.
May 1998 Hosho America Inc. acquired Kibun Foods Hawai, Inc. and renameed Kibun Foods (U.S.A.), Inc.
April 2002 Acquired Toei Tsusho Co., Ltd, and Hosho Sanitary Co., Ltd. and enhanced foodstuff and sanitation business.
January 2005 As Kibun Group reorganized, Kibun Trading Inc. was liquidated and all business was transferred to Kabushiki Kaisha Kibun Sangyo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kibun Foods, Inc.
(This concludes the history of the original Kibun Trading Inc.)
January 2005 Kabushiki Kaisha Kibun Sangyo (also known as Kibun Trading Inc.) started business as a trading company after receiving business transferred from the original Kibun Trading Inc.
February 2005 Capital set at 100 million yen.
July 2007 Moved head office from Chuo-ku to Minato-ku.
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