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Sales Dept. 1

  • Purchase & distribution of various types of frozen fishes and fish products including squid and octopus
  • Export & distribution of marine & agricultural
  • Exports of marine & surimi seafoods products
  • Exports of agricultural products
  • Purchase & distribution of frozen surimi products, prepared foods & its raw materials,
  • Purchase & distribution of salmon roe
  • Purchase & distribution of eel and its processed products
  • Japanese sweet & confectionary and Japanese foods including Sushi and its materials destined to the market of U.S.A. and China
  • Purchase & distribution of various types of fresh and processed meats
  • Purchase & distribution of packaging materials (film, label, vessel and board)
  • Purchase & distribution of wrapping materials (corrugated card board, tape and wraps)
  • Purchase & distribution of plastic resin and sheet materials
  • Wholesale distribution of flower
  • Wholesale distribution of Petal and gardening supply
  • Planning and Proposal of Gift and Fresh Flower

Sales Dept. 2

  • Purchase & distribution of grain including sesame seeds, soy bean &buckwheat, fertilizer & agricultural foodstuff
  • Purchase & distribution of egg and its processed products
  • Purchase & distribution of oil & fats
  • Purchase & distribution of fresh, frozen and boiled vegetable and fruits
  • Purchase & distribution of seasonings, dairy products, saccharides and additives
  • Import of seaweed and export of its processed products
  • Purchase & distribution of starch


Business Administration Dept.

  • Funds raising, investing and controling
  • Control of account receivable & payable
  • Closing accounts, receipts & expenses, countings and tax accountings
  • Internal auditing
  • Import & export handlings
  • Mid & long term planning, analyzing results of operation and reporting to top managements
  • Research and development of computer system and its maintenance

Quality control Management Dept.

  • Administration and control of Traceability, Positive list system and IP handling system
  • Practical guidance of these systems to venders
  • Other quality controls than above mentioned areas

General Affairs and Personal Dept.

  • Judicial affairs and control of documents ,assets, rules and official seals
  • Personal matters, education, wages and welfare and employment
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