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We are engaged in introducing seafoods products and various types of prepared foods from all over the world to our customers and simultaneously in introducing taste of Japanese food culture to all over the world by making contribution to advancing world wide food culture. We are trying to keep supplying wide varieties and safety sure foodstuffs to all of our consumers and to keep supplying foodstuffs required by each individual needs.

Surimi products

Surimi products:  Full lines of Surimi products including Crab leg Kamaboko, Kamaboko, Chikuwa, Hanpen, Satsuma Age, Seasoned Surimi, Naruto Maki


Surimi products

Surimi products

Crab leg Kamaboko, Chikuwa, Agemono and Full line of Surimi products

We are dealing with every surimi products come from Kibun Thailand co., Ltd., which is recognized as the biggest overseas factory in Kibun Group. (Obtained HACCP, ISO certification)


Thailand Factory
Thailand Factory
Crab leg Kamaboko
Crab leg Kamaboko


AJI-MARU” brand

Hanpen and Satsuma Age

We are handling various types of foodstuffs with which our customers can be satisfied and keep offering foodstuffs which meets to our customers needs.




Pollack, Atka Mackerel (from Alaska and Hokkaido), Itoyori, Kintoki, Guchi, Eso, Tachiuo, Mamakari (from Thailand, India, Vietnam and Indonesia) and Shark(from Kesennuma)


Pollack ProductionPollack Surimi
Pollack Production
Pollack Surimi

Export Products~Overseas

Export of Japanese foodstuff and Oriental foodstuff

We are engaged in export of various types of foodstuff to U.S.A., South East Asian countries and EU countries. Trying to expand the market for Japanese taste and making challenges for new business chance in those areas.

Japanese sweets for exportJapanese omelet for export
Japanese sweets for export
Japanese omelet for export


Tuna from Indonesia. Hamachi from Kagoshima. Frozen Fish from Asia, etc.
Tuna ProductionFresh Yellowtail
Tuna Production
"Kuroshio" Brand Yellowtail
Fresh Yellowtail

Frozen Fish

We are handling Squid, Mackerel, Sardine, Horsemackerel, Black Cod, Rock Fish and etc from world ocean.


Alaskan Black CodAlaskan Black CodAlaskan Kinki
Alaskan Black Cod
Alaskan Kinki

Marine Products

Eels and its prepared products

Nagayaki, Kushi, Half-cut, its vacuum packed products and Shirayaki

We are purchasing carefully selected raw materials and process them only in the plant approved by HACCP and ISO located in China and Taiwan in order to handle the products of "SAFETY AND SECURITY" alone.

Eel cultivating pond
Eel cultivating pond
Eel processing plant, Shirayaki processing areaEel processing plant, Kabayaki processing area
Eel processing plant, Shirayaki processing area
Eel processing plant, Kabayaki processing area


Salmon, trout and roe and its prepared products
Salmon and Trout prepared products
Salmon and Trout prepared products

Meat And Poultry

Chicken (Domestic production and Import), Pork (Domestic production and Import)


Pacaging Material

Packaging material may assist the products to be distributed from hand to hand by protecting the products and promote consumer’s purchasing will.


We protect the quality of product and simultaneously we offer packaging materials gentle to the earth.


Film packaging, Seal and Label, Container, Corrugated Card Board, Fancy box and other types of packaging materials, machinery and other materials related with logistics industry, card board and resin.

Wholesale distribution of import flower

Leather fan, Robe, Fern palm, Cordy line
Dendrobium, Mokara, Vanda, Polyscias fruticosa
Spraymum, Tricolor chysanthemum
Carnation, Tricolor chysanthemum, Sakaki
Cut flower etc.

Wholesale distribution of domestic flower

Purchase of domestic flower and market

Wholesale distribution of Petal and gardening supply

Petal and Fresh Flower for gardening supply

Planning and Proposal of Gift and Fresh Flower

Phalaenopsis orchid

Wholesale of Phalaenopsis orchid Gift
Proposal of novelty with flowers and vegetables

Please contact us if anything of the flower.

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