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Our Poricies

We are purchasing various types of healthy foodstuffs from all over the world based upon the know-how which was accumulated within our group as a leading company in food industry in Japan.


Frozen Egg (whole eggs, egg white, egg yolk), Dry Egg (whole eggs, egg white, egg yolk),
Chicken Egg,
*Domestic production, Import (EU, North America, South America)


Edible Oils

Rice Bran Oil (Brazil, Uruguay, Bangladesh), Cotton seedBrazil, Peanut Oil (China), etc.



Sesame seeds

Buck Wheat, White, Black, Mixed Sesame seeds


Mixed sesameseed field in Africa
Growing sesameseed in field


Soybeans from Canada
Soy bean field of contracted growers in Canada
Canadian soy bean by contracted growers


Buckwheat(Mankan species)

Processed Vegetables

Boiling in Water Japanese radish (Indonesia), Cut Cabbage, Carrot Burdock, Spring Onion (China), Peeled Garlic (Domestic Production, China)


Boiling in Water Japanese radish

Frozen Vegetables

Peeled Green Soybean (Thai), Pumpkin (New Zealand), Onion (China),
Sweet Potato (Indonesia), Various Domestic Frozen Vegetables (Spinach, Grated Yam)


Peeled Green Soybean

Seasoning Additives and Dairy Products etc.

Various types of flour and its prepared products, processed starch and vegetable protein

Premix Rice (North America)
Premix Rice Flour (Thai)
Premix Sugar (Korea, Thai)
Premix Wheat Flour (Korea)
Soy Protein (China)
Wheat Gluten


Solid and Liquid, Salt, Fermented Seasoning, Spices
Coloring, Flavoring, Preserving, Thickening Agent, Anti oxidant
Granulated Sugar
Whey Powder
Potato Flakes (U.S.A., EU),
Soy Powder

Processed starch and vegetable protein

Tapioca Processed Starch (Thai, China)
Tapioca Starch for Industrial Use
(Starch Contents min. 70%)
α-starch (Thai, China)
Wheat Processed Starch

Tapioca field


Drum type dryer
α Tapioca Starch
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